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Biomechanical & Sports Medicine

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General Skin and Nail Care

This is a comprehensive 30 minute consultation for those needing attention to their toenails or skin.

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We will have your nails looking fabulous. No longer should you go to places where they just trim your nails and hand file. What we offer is so much more! Using the latest German equipment and highest quality materials, we can restore your nail to normality no matter how ingrown it is, nor what shape or thickness.

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Corns and calluses? Not a problem, our podiatrist's dexterity will make your painful skin lesions disappear! Using a scalpel and fine sanding disk we can take your painful areas away and make it nice and smooth. We can also try and offload the area which may reduce the rate of recurrence.

Verrucae - We have a range of effective methods to deal with plantar warts. Be sure to get it checked as soon as possible. Poor management can lead to them spreading to other areas or other people!

There is a huge spectrum of conditions that we can cover. If you are unsure, just call and ask for Eric or make an appointment to see us.

Biomechanical and Sports Medicine

Biomechanical assessment: this is a 45 minute consultation for those with ongoing pain in their muscles, joints, tendons or ligaments. If your injury is a result of an accident, please enquire about ACC.

Sometimes, pain in your lower limb could be a biomechanical or alignment issue in relation to your foot and ankle. As your feet are what hold all of your weight, it is possible for any issues from the feet to track to other areas of the body. This may include hip and lower back pain, knee pain, shin or calf pain, ankle, foot or heel pain.

Furthermore pain could be from all sorts of conditions like degenerative arthopathies, autoimmune conditions, as well as neurological conditions.

If any of this applies to you, come in for a comprehensive consultation! We will provide advice, a management plan and appropriate referrals if necessary.

Orthotic Therapy

The use of foot orthoses in the treatment of foot pathologies has been around for hundreds of years, but it was not until the 1960s when significant technological advancements allowed for casting impressions and use of thermoplastics to create a true orthotic device. Now, we have some of the most refined techniques in casting and New Zealand is one of the world's leaders in manufacturing quality orthoses that can last up to a decade.

The term ortho derives from Greek meaning "straight, upright, and correct". The use of orthoses is to support alignment, prevent injuries, reduce pain, correct deformities, and improve function.

At Dynamic Podiatry we aim to get your prescription right. With orthotic therapy we see improvement in symptoms and function for around 80% of people who use it. The only way to find out if orthoses are required is to come in and see us, as every individual's needs are different.

Rehabilitation and Joint Mobilisation

This service is mostly for those recovering from traumatic accidents and will often be covered under ACC. It will involve manual therapy targeting the stiff structures and passive movements to try and increase range of motion within the skeletal joints.

Watch this space for dry needling as this will be one of the services offered in the near future. This is a method used for intra-muscular stimulation and can help with those suffering from chronic ongoing pain.

Foot Rehabilitation

If the issue identified is out of the scope of our practice, we will be happy to refer you to an experienced physiotherapist that can get you on your journey to recovery.

Diabetic Care

There are many initiatives in the New Zealand public health system which aim to reduce the amount of diabetic foot ulceration and amputations.

We provide excellent foot health checks and risk assessments for our diabetic patients. We also treat any skin and nail problems that may potentially cause an issue to your feet as well as recommend footwear and offloading devices when required.

Please make an appointment if you would like your feet checked. Alternatively, there may be funding available depending on the medical practice you are with. Please ask your GP or nurse if you are diabetic and due for a check up.


Podiatrists are the leaders in providing minor toenail and foot surgeries. At Dynamic Podiatry, we have a pristine record. In fact, we guarantee our surgeries and in the event of diagnosed recurrence of the same condition, we will offer to do your surgery again free of charge.

Surgeries available include - partial nail avulsions (ingrown nail surgeries), total nail avulsions (deformed nail removal), verruca surgery (surgical removal of warts), and surgical removal of any foreign bodies.

Please Call Us on our Toll Free number to enquire or book an appointment to discuss your available options. Click Here.

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