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At Dynamic Podiatry, we believe that excellent foot care boosts confidence and enables activities without pain or discomfort. Our clinic prioritises your long-term wellbeing, offering personalised care for all ages to address foot complications effectively.

- Skin & Nail care: thick/long/ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, verrucas, cracked heels.

- Lower limb biomechanics: to assess your limbs, range of motion, muscle strength and analysis of your gait.

- Orthotics: to help stabilise your foot and ankle which may assist in an array of lower limb conditions.

- Pain or injury to the feet, ankles, shins, knees, and hips

- Minor surgical procedures: ingrown toenail correction, total nail removal, verruca excision, foreign body removal.

- Paediatric assessment: children's flat feet, clumsiness, in-toeing, knock knees, developmental concerns, growing pains.

- Diabetic foot assessment: vascular and neurological assessments for at risk feet.

- Autoimmune conditions affecting the feet like arthritis and gout

We guarantee every podiatric treatment with a three-week satisfaction promise. If you're not fully satisfied, return within three weeks for a FREE follow-up. This is our dedication to exceptional podiatry services and your complete satisfaction.

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Our Services

Reputable and Dependable
Foot Specialists

A comprehensive skin and nail care for any pains & problems you may be experiencing with your toenails and any skin conditions.

A detailed and comprehensive sports podiatry service with the mission of increasing the overall health and wellbeing of athletes

A thorough insight into your risk for injury from a variety of activities, help you to move better in daily life, perform better in sports & physical activities.

Combining the best materials with significant technological advancements to create completely custom devices that are handcrafted specifically for your feet.

A thorough diabetic foot health check as diabetes can have very serious consequences on the feet because of the way it interacts with the blood vessels and nerves of those affected.

As leaders in ingrown toenail and verruca surgery, we use the best techniques and tools to ensure the best post-operative success.

Caring for growing feet requires a different skill-set than mature feet and we are specialists with kids, a relaxed & stress-free experience.

Our Podiatrist

Meet: Eric Ku

With over 10 years of experience and having worked in over 10 towns and cities across New Zealand, Eric’s vision for his practice was one where each patient feels truly valued and cared for.

Eric's extensive knowledge and skills allows him to perform exceptionally high level surgeries with a guaranteed success.

Eric has practised podiatry in a variety of settings, ranging from hospitals, prisons, Maori health clinics, dementia and special needs wards, all the way to working with athletes and children.

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I found Eric very professional and caring at the same time. Wonderful service. If you need to see a great podiatrist go and see Eric, honestly you won't regret it and you will not look elsewhere. He is the Best.

Eric fixed both my ingrown toe nails. They have healed perfectly and haven't grown back since so no pain!

Eric is professional and passionate about the care that he provides to his clients. He believes in treating the cause and not just the symptoms.