The way your foot moves with every step you take has a significant impact on the rest of your body, from the ground up. Orthotics work to carefully alter the positioning and biomechanical functioning (movement) of the feet to help you move at your best and reduce the risk of pain and injury.

Here at Dynamic Podiatry, when it comes to orthotics, we don’t settle for anything but the best. We combine the best materials that New Zealand has to offer with significant technological advancements to create completely custom devices that are handcrafted specifically for your feet. Every design feature of your custom orthotic will be working to correct specific alignments or imbalances that you have, so you can move at your best, allow pain and injuries to heal, and have you feeling great.

Better yet, when you move optimally, your risk for both acute and chronic injuries are reduced.



We offer both prefabricated orthotics as well as custom-made orthotics. Prefabricated orthotics are pre-made and modified by your Podiatrist to be specific for your feet and diagnosis. They are fantastic for certain people wanting more support on their feet, suffer from tired and achy feet at the end of the day, or have specific injuries. They can also be a great diagnostic tool to see some of the effects that a custom-made device may have.

Custom-made orthotics are made entirely from scratch, under the careful guidance and prescription of your Podiatrist. While both prefabricated and custom-made orthotics can only be prescribed after a thorough biomechanical assessment, custom-made orthotics require a cast of the foot so they can be made specifically for the feet with great precision and detail. This works better with other types of injuries, and the materials used are more durable and longer-lasting.


Whichever type of orthotic you’re prescribed, you can be assured that they’ll be crafted with great care, skill and with a great deal of knowledge and experience from your Podiatrist. We expect to see a significant improvement in symptoms and function with your orthotics, and are able to make adjustments on site to get them working intricately and effectively with your feet.