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Expert Podiatry in St Heliers, Near Mission Bay and Glendowie 

We are a vibrant, family-friendly podiatry clinic operating in St Heliers, conveniently located to service patients from Meadowbank, Mission Bay, Orakei, Glendowie, and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on the expert care we provide to our patients, our attention to detail, and delivering the very best outcomes for our patients. 

We are always happy to assist any new or pre-existing patients with their enquiries, this is part of our mission to make Dynamic Podiatry the most caring and patient-focused clinic in Auckland. Please call 0508 666 555, send us a message, or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

People first 

We strive to provide a service that is caring and tailored to each patient. We do everything we can to never compromise on quality, using only the most modern equipment when providing our service, to ensure our patients are receiving an advanced treatment. Our Saint Heliers practice is the only one in the Bay area of Auckland and can conveniently service clients from throughout Auckland but in particular the areas of Remuera, Meadowbank, Saint Johns, Glendowie, Glen Innes, Orakei, Kohimarama, and Mission Bay.

We take special care and time for each one of our patients: and we place a great emphasis on being a patient-focused, detail-oriented clinic. We specially tailor treatment and management plans to each of our patients to ensure that they are receiving a thorough service, and that we can get to the root of problem and find a proper solution in an efficient manner.


St Heliers Medical, 10 Turua Street,
St Heliers, Auckland

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